MaxKare Vibration Platform Loop Bands Multiple Modes Fitness

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MaxKare Vibration Platform Loop Bands Multiple Modes Fitness Platform

Full Body Exercise: Detachable Resistance Bands helps lose weight, strengthen muscles, and pain relieve. Strong power motors with high-frequency vibration drives the whole body to shake. The vibration machine is to help you sculpt, transform, and redefine your body from head to toe all from the comfort of your own home, in just 10 minutes a day.

Variable Training Mode: Remote controller is equipped to choose the modes from 1-10, and also you can customize the operation speed 1-99 to your comfort level. The state of the fitness platform produces vibrations at different frequency levels that cause your body to work harder to stimulate muscles. Together with the resistance bands, the whole body can be plasticized and strengthened.

Professional Vibration Zone: 3 vibration zones: Relax: walking simulation Comfortable: jogging simulation Strong: running simulation. Different vibration areas bring you different vibration effects, and with different fitness actions, you can effectively exercise arms, core strength areas, buttocks, and thighs. Advanced vibration technology helps engage all muscles from the moment you step on the plate.

Magnet Massage: 22 massage magnets on the standing board stimulate acupuncture points. Has a certain effect of promoting blood and lymphatic circulation and removing blood stasis. Long-term adherence can improve insomnia and nourish the liver. You can use the product both with or without shoes. It is best to experience magnet vibration massage barefoot.

Time-Saving Safe: 10-minutes everyday workout for a better body shape! Shake fat, shake troubles. Stable suction cups on the bottom of the plate ensure that the machine does not slide during operation, allowing customers to enjoy safer vibrations.

Full Body Exercise: Fitness vibration platform detachable resistance bands help lose weight, strengthen muscles, repair after surgery, and relieve pain. A strong power motor, high-frequency vibration drive the whole body to shake. Our mission is to help you sculpt, transform, and redefine your body.

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