Compresseur à vis APS-X 20 Combi Dry 10 bar 20 ch/15 kW

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The APS 20 Combidry X is a 15kW direct-driven screw compressor with a fixed speed. Due to the compact design, this machine takes up little space and can therefore stand in places where there is little space. The compressor has a yield of 1870 liters per minute, with a 500 liter compressed air boiler and a cooling dryer. The direct coupling of the electric motor with the screw block results in fewer losses than with a belt-driven screw compressor. A large screw block ensures a high airflow at a low speed, so continuous loading is no problem at all. The most important parameters can be read and adjusted on the display of the controller. A large horizontally placed oil cooler with temperature-controlled fan ensures excellent cooling. The machine has been carefully designed so that fewer parts are maintenance-sensitive. The service interval of 3,000 hours also ensures lower maintenance costs. This compressor can be used at large garage companies, damage repairers but also when controlling sorting machines in the horticultural sector.

X series Screw compressors

By continuously investing in the development of our products, the Airpress Group presents a new series of screw compressors. The screw compressors are available from 5.5 kW to 37 kW. The APS X series is available in two versions: controlled at a fixed speed or speed. Machines of 15 kW are also available with a two-stage screw block. These versions have an increased performance with the same power consumption as a single-stage version. Depending on demand, these machines are available as a separate unit, mounted on a tank or mounted on a tank and equipped with a compressed air dryer. Compressors of the X series are characterized by a new generation of screw blocks. The direct drive avoids losses due to the transmission. Reliable and efficient, easy-to-use screw compressors ensure trouble-free operation at minimal costs. Equipped with a modern control panel, you can constantly monitor the screw compressor and change parameters if necessary. With Smartcontrol

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