Mercedes-Benz 190 2.5 16V

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190 serie
Type de carrosserie:
Berline 2/4-portes
Année de fabrication:
Boîte manuelle
184.993 km
206 CV
2.498 cm³
0 gr/km
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Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 V Manual gearboxThis is not your everyday mercedes 190. Due to their performance, the 16-valve cars are different from the other 190 models. The body kit on 2.5-16 reduces the drag coefficient to 0.32, one of the lowest CD values on a four-door saloon of the time, whilst also reducing lift at speed.The steering ratio is quicker and the steering wheel smaller than that on other 190s, whilst the fuel tank is enlarged from 55 to 70 L. The Getrag 5-speed manual gearbox is unique to the 16-valve and features a 'racing' gear pattern with 'dog-leg' first gear, left and down from neutral. This means that the remaining 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gears are in a simple H pattern allowing fast and easy selection. Three extra dials - an oil temperature gauge, stopwatch and voltmeter - are included in the centre console.The 2.5-16 is only available in 3 colors Pearl black like ours, Almandine Red and Astral Silver.ASD system, which is standard equipment on the 2.5-16v, is an electronically controlled, hydraulically locking differential which activates automatically when required. The electronic control allows varied amounts of differential lock from the standard 15% right up to 100%. It is not a traction control system however, and can only maximize traction rather than prevent wheel spin. Activation of the ASD system is indicated by an illuminating amber triangle in the speedometer.The suspension on 16-valve models is modified from the standard 190 (W201). As well as being lower and stiffer, it has quicker dampers, larger anti-roll bars, harder bushings and hydraulic Self-levelling suspension (SLS) on the rear. This allows the rear ride height to remain constant even when the car is fully loaded.But most important is the engine. It offers double-row timing chains to fix the easily snapping single chains on early 2.3 engines, and an increased peak output by 17 bhp (13 kW) with a slight increase in torque. The car delivers up to 204 hp (152 kW 207 PS) Mercedes were not keen to publicize the fact that their most capable saloon had an engine developed by a British company. However some cylinder heads from 2.5 L cars were found to be stamped with the Coscast logo indicating they were cast at Cosworth's foundry just like the 2.3 L cars. Cosworth also list the project code 'WAB' for the development of the 2.5-16-valve head just as they do for the 2.3-16-valve head.Our example is the one you are looking for. Please take a look at our pictures and you will see she has been very well kept and is ready to enjoy. Or that she has all the heritage to be upgraded to a “Evo 2 tribute”.Please contact us for more information, detailed pictures or an appointment. Please contact us by mail: by phone to Roel, 0032 498 51 96 03.WE’LL DRIVE YOU CRAZY - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - STORAGE - WORKSHOP

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